The African University Film School provides professional acting training in the form of an 8 weeks course. Ensuring all our students meet their full potential and providing them with the best opportunities is our top priority.

With our training, the hope is that all students with talent and commitment, no matter their background are given important skills to take forward for life and that they cannot only be a part of the industry but perhaps even change it.


1 Subtext and storytelling in acting
2 Script analysis
3 Stage performance
4 Rehearsal ‒ improvisation
5 Speaking out an interior monologue
6 Rehearsing the script beat by beat
7 Filmmaking skills
8 Understanding the process of Film Production
9 Stages of Film & Drama Making in broad terms
10 Voice and movement
11 Drama & Theater
12 Advanced acting skills
13 The Meisner technique
14 Mast & Improvisation
15 Stanislavski and Clown
16 Audition workshop and preparation
17 Dialect workshop
18 Introduction to combat movement
19 Motion capturing
20 Acting careers
21 Industry showcase