At AUFS we teach the craft of cinematography in the context of today’s media landscape. Learn how to use a camera and lighting to tell a story, whether it is for the cinema, TV, or smartphone.

During this 8 weeks course, you will participate in a number of workshops covering the core craft areas ranging from still imagery to exercises with Green Screen and VFX shooting.

Our tutors are professional cinematographers with years of practical experience across film, TV and commercial industries. Everything they teach is a real-life industry insight.


1 The Craft of Cinematograph
2 Interpreting The Scene
3 Take One Painting
4 Character of Place
5 Visual Literary: Active Looking
6 Lighting Large Spaces
7 Three Light Night Workshop
8 Perspectives In Light
9 Beauty Lighting
10 Digi Fiction
11 Grad Animation
12 Take Two Painting
13 Summer Fiction Film
14 Grad animations, TV and additional project
15 Camerimage
16 Directing Commercials
17 Rear Projection Workshop
18 Kodaks
19 Project work