The basics of Film Editing are taught in this 10 weeks program through practical exercises, which reflect the current professional industry, standard workflows and are founded on the principle of filmmaking as an art and a profession. Great emphasis is given to visual storytelling and in the use of all elements of story, performance, cinematography, frame composition, sound, and design to serve the narrative and the director’s vision.

As part of the film editing course, students develop initiative, discipline, and communication as the core values in order to successfully collaborate with other departments and technicians involved in the making of a film.


1 Introduction to script
2 Writing a script
3 Scenes and shots
4 The screen technique
5 Necessity of editing
6 Principle of editing
7 To take a shot
8 Documentry Films
9 Shot to shot transition
10 Basic technique of building a scene
11 Rough cut
12 Final cut
13 Dub matching and track laying
14 Married print
15 Introduction to motion picture photography
16 Cinematographic properties
17 Operations and movement
18 Basic lab technique
19 Color Negative
20 Positive film processing
21 Analysis of film editing techniques of various styles and genre
22 Project work