Our Professional Photography Course is designed for anyone wanting to become a professional photographer. With unparalleled training and hands-on attention throughout the course, this program is recommended for beginners, intermediate, as well as anyone looking to consolidate their knowledge.

This 10 weeks course starts from the foundation of photography and combines a variety of specialized workshops in different fields with a step-by-step process and hands-on experience that builds up real skills.

Whether you want to monetize, follow an academic career or simply escape into the magical world of photography, this course gives you the tools, knowledge, and effective strategies that will help you take outstanding pictures and live the freedom of being creative.


1 Introduction to photography
2 Professional photography
3 A guide to Manual settings
4 Techniques for taking professional photographs
5 Lighting
6 Travel photography
7 Photography equipment
8 The great outdoors: naturer and landscapes
9 Macro photography
10 Digital editing your photographs
11 Potrait photography
12 Wedding Photograph: the basics
13 Wedding Photograph: the wedding day
14 Wedding Photograph: presenting your work
15 Photo manipulation techniques
16 Business Photography
17 Product and advertising photography
18 Fashion photography
19 School photography
20 Photojournalism
21 Sports photography
22 Developing a digital presence
23 Setting up your business, legal and finance
24 Marketing your business
25 Obtaining employement in photography