An intensive 12 weeks that develop the writer’s original voice, embeds professional practice, and enhances employability.

At AUFS you will gain the expertise and experience that form the foundations of your professional screenwriting practice. You will forge relationships and develop networks that propel you onto the film and television industries.

AUFS Screenwriting program focuses on the development of the individual screenwriter’s voice. You will be supported and challenged throughout the 12 weeks course as you explore that voice through your screenwriting.

AUFS Screenwriting program is a demanding, intensive course and its rewards are considerable


1 Concept of story
2 Character
3 Script Genre: Script Structure
4 Feature Development
5 TV Genre
6 Film Theory
7 Writing for games
8 Advanced Story and Character
9 Dialouge
10 Script Genre:Crime
11 TV Spec Script
12 Sketch comedy
13 Script genre: Comedy
14 Feature script
15 TV History
16 Story Editing
17 Producing for Writers: Story Development
18 Producing for Writers: Production
19 Script genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy
20 Final feature project 1
21 TV Pilot
22 Script genre: Action
23 Final feature project 2
24 TV rewrites
25 TV plot 2
26 Adaptation
27 Career Launch