African University Benin (AUB) is a bilingual university (French and English) with a unique philosophy of nations building via a thorough understanding of the substance of a university education and poised to bringing out the life and flesh of its substance to reality, its full manifestation through the apprenticeship model approach in her curriculum and instructional pedagogy.

Africa University of Benin is poised to becoming the first Pan-African University, with campuses in all the countries of Africa with an excellent uniform standard that would bring the entire world to Africa.
We have one singular mission of redefining education in Africa through unparalleled qualitative and innovative education that would produce all-round functional world-class graduates with globally relevant knowledge and skills needed in the 21st century.


We are an incubation center for the evaluation and refining of conceived and perceived ideas needed for the methodical development of human society from different fronts.

The entrepreneurial orientation of our administrators coupled with their global focus has made the university the first choice for those who want to make an impact.

We have created a paradigm shift to a more pragmatic, practical, and problem-based approach to teaching and learning for effective value creation.

We aim to become the first Pan-African university to operate in all the nations of Africa with a uniform standard that would bring the